About the Project

How can sustainable coffee be competitive with low budget coffees?

Project description / problem definition

Gustito is focusing on selling high quality products that are earn on a sustainable way. By doing so the company notice the big difficulty that just a few people are willing to pay the “extra” price for sustainable cultivation. How can such coffee be sold competitive?

prior knowledge of the students

There is no relevant prior knowledge needed.



Expectations for the students

After the Kick-Off where the company will introduce the students into the company’s values the students should prepare a value proposition around the sustainable cultivated coffee. This values should include a sales strategy with calculations and pricing strategies. 

Processing time

The processing time for this project will be 10 weeks. Within the 10 weeks the students will have a Kick-Off and two question and exchange rounds. For further information to the processing time please contact us or our partner company Gustito UG.

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